RON BOEHM / JL#6 / Nostalgic Ladies

RON BOEHM / JL#6 / Nostalgic Ladies

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Ron Boehm's "Nostalgic" Jewelry Lady Series #6 

Ron's Artist Statement:

Some dreams are in black and white and some dreams are in color. I want my art work to be like experiencing a colorful dream.

The paintings in this collection indicate my passion, intrigue and play with color. My work is often inspired by the world around me and my life experiences. I create, experiment, and develop my compositions using acrylic paint as my primary medium. I focus on design and a variety of techniques with strong contrasting color arrangements to develop artistic statements. In my recent paintings I have incorporated texture to add another dimension of interest for the viewer. In creating my art pieces, I have been strongly influenced by the works of Wassily Kandinsky, Georgia O’Keeffe, Arthur Dove, and Milton Avery.

This collection is a reflection of some of my life’s moments in vivid color.